Sacred Words

11 Jan

Slicing away pieces of my Soul, 

As I lie defeated by my thoughts, 

Creatures veiled in a divine aura

Raised their swords to the heavens. 

Entombed in my own guilt and pain, 

Deep under my own holy temple. 

White light pulses down,  blinding me and an

Omnipotent presence surrounds my form. 

Rapturous,  I rise up from the dirt. 

Drawn towards the broken pieces of my soul, 

Slowly taking form in front of my old self. 


There’s a Divinity that Shapes Our Ends

11 Jan

I liked this interpretation. Especially about how it was written to speak to the population of England at that time.

Literature of War STC




“There’s a divinity that shapes our ends, Rough-hew them how we will,” says Hamlet to Horatio in Act 5, Scene 2.  Hamlet is acknowledging that there are many things out of his control, and that in the end it is God that will determine our destinies.  This is an important realization for Hamlet, who is undergoing a transition from an indecisive worrier to an honorable and resolute character.  Earlier in the play, he would not have spoken these lines.  But now, after seeing Fortinbras’s loyal army, he has been transformed.

            These lines would also have been relative to Shakespeare’s audience.  When Shakespeare was finishing up the play in 1603, there was uncertainty in England.  Queen Elizabeth had no clear hereditary successor, and the future of the nation was unsure.  Changes in authority throughout the previous century had resulted in…

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The Nomad Conqueror

2 Jan

A light shines on me from above

A warmth of pure heavenly love

My heart breathes free in this moment

A touch to mend my soul’s dent.

Morning mist descends around me

Even through its veil, so clearly i see.

There is a place for me to be

And the nomad will soon be king. 

First Post of the New Year

1 Jan

Now that the new year has begun, I tell myself that I should restart all blog activities. To this end, I would have to dedicate time from all the other activities that had been occupying my daily schedule.

I have been away from writing for a long time. This time, I would also venture into other forms of writing for the blog. The title of the blog is no longer relevant and has to be changed as well.

It has been 10 years since I had started this blog. I would also like to start my own video blog about the stuff I write as well as an accompanying content.

At this point of time, my entry into the other social media platforms is pretty late. But I will make an effort to try and achieve what I have listed down here.

Let this be the general first post of 2018 which is nothing but a statement of what I hope to spend my time on.

If I recall correctly, the blog was set up to also tweet when I had published something. I haven’t been active on Twitter so much as well. That is something I will have to get comfortable with as well.

Technology has changed since the 10 years that this blog has remained alive. My interests and outlook has changed as well. Here is hoping 2018 helps me in achieving what I crave for most.

The world before this world

25 Oct

Once upon a time, silence filled this world

And the banner of peace was left unfurled

At the top of a lonely stone tower.

Every smile was proof of godly power

And bright light shone through the eyes of all men.

Death was but a blissful comedienne,

Basking in praise after the dénouement.

No one cared to see where their wings had gone,

And no one cared to look for the shepherd.

No one kept track of how far they wandered,

Every eye and every mind free to roam.

A language free from a restricted form,

Felt by every soul that wanted to breathe.

Every hand wished to create and bequeath,

memories of a time before our time.

Altering the past cannot be a crime.

Painted Words

20 Oct

I gather all the colors of this world

And find the whitest part of my brown soul. 

I wish to paint a beautiful picture,

With soft words sparkling like the morning dew.

A spectrum of alien sounds and such

that stick together by a force unknown.

Like the rainbow feeling I have right now,

Explaining why everything fits so well.

The Random strokes that burst into meaning;

Expressing a painter’s philosophy.

Like words that become paint to the poet,

When he truly wishes for it to be.

I Draw a picture of deliverance,

and paint with tear drops of captivity;

My words are adorned in silver and gold

When it is not set ablaze by my grief.

Weariness sometimes gets the best of me

And I start to whisper dark thoughts to you.

May the colors that you see be real,

And may your colors bring you happiness.

Won’t be coming back…

16 Oct

They brought me my white garments

And took away my shoes.

Left me alone in the dark;

It will surely take some time.


The hymns that I used to hate

plays on and on in my mind. 

And everyone in my thoughts

Seems to be singing them too.


My eyes shut tight and lips sealed;

Time stands frozen like my skin.

Dead petals fall to the floor;

The scent of the flower stays.


The narrow path to heaven

seems to begin under ground.

An archer draws back the string

To launch an arrow up high. 


I wait for my wings to sprout

And for the halo divine.

I hope to fly for some time

And then fall back once again.


This time I will remain lost;

You won’t find me in the dirt.

And I won’t be coming back

To weigh your wet weaknesses.